Nomination Requirements

2017 TIME Dealer of the Year Nominees

2017 TIME Dealer of the Year Nominees at the NADA annual convention in New Orleans/span>

  • Be a franchised new-car dealer
  • Be a member of the NADA
  • Be a member of a state dealer association and, if applicable, a local association
  • Be the actual operating head of the dealership as designated in the franchise paragraph of the factory agreement, or the owner’s designated agent with full authority for business operations for a minimum of one year with recognition by the sponsoring dealer association as the dealership’s voting representative
  • Have an ongoing presence in the dealership offices, actively managing the dealership
  • Have at least a five-year record of active participation in affairs of the nominee’s state or local dealer association
  • Agree to be available for participation in Dealer of the Year activity during the year following selection



In addition, the following rules apply:

  • Current directors of NADA are not eligible for the 2017 award
  • Past Dealer of the Year nominees can be re-nominated four years from the last date of nomination